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Exterior Home Construction Services


From dormers and extensions, to customized high-end renovations, our design and construction team can add beauty, character and value to your home. Our approach is always tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Of the many uses for extensions, some of the most popular include: a second story, a master bedroom, an extra bathroom, a family room, a garage, a sunroom, or a deck and patio. Whether your small home always seemed a bit cramped or a growing family requires more room to comfortably live in your home, additional spaces allow you to relax and truly treat your house as the sanctuary you deserve. Extensions can become costly, but the extra space is usually well worth the time and money. A contractor like Ambassador Home Improvement can help provide you with a likely estimate of your extension’s cost.

Your contractor will help you determine what you want out of your new space. What is the feeling you hope to achieve? From there, we will develop a plan that will follow all laws, be financially viable, and aesthetically pleasing in relation to the rest of the home. Often, homeowners fail to take into consideration the windows additions, electrical work, and structural engineering requirements of their additions when estimating their costs. Ambassador Home Improvement has decades of experience, and we are here to help!


Construction Services

- Custom Homes

- Mother/Daughter Conversions

- Second Story Additions

- Master Suite Extensions

- Sunroom Additions

- Great Rooms

- Kitchen Extensions

- Bathrooms and Spas

- Outdoor Living Spaces

- Garage Additions

- Built-Ins

- Interior Finishes

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